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Spring Afterschool sign ups:

May 9th at MCNY

May 22nd at MCNY

May 29th at the Paley Center

June 12th at NYHS

Session 1 1/12/13 World War II &NYC

Historical Thinking Skills:

National Archive Analysis Sheets:

Online New York Historical Curricum Materials

N-Y Historical Propoganda lesson

Professor Jackson's presentation

What Should Truman do?

Links to other WW II resources

Link to Dr. Seuss Cartoons

NY Times article about Terrorist attempt

NY Times Blog about NY in WWII

NY Daily News article about sinking of the Laffayette


Session 2 The Great Depression: A Time of Struggle and Change; MCNY 1-26-13

Professor Czittrom's Presentation

Junior scholastic reading

NYCBOE Depression Excerpt

Anti-New Deal Cartoons

New York Times Article on WPA in NY

MCNY Education Resources:

MCNY Educational Resources

Session IV The Civil Rights Movement

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