TAH Media and Literacy Resources for 2011-2012

Session 1 12-17-11 The Colony and The City

Professor Lobel's handouts and ppt. presentations:



Looking at Objects:

Find some one who:

Session Two 1-21-12: The Battle of New York and George Washington: A Case Study of the Revolution

Slavery in Colonial New York Resources:
New York Colonial Run away Slave ad

HERB links from ASHP: Slave Laws and Codes in colnial new york Slave ads from colonial NY 1741 slave conspiracy testamony

LInk to George Washington Prezi: N-YHS Broadside actvity

Links from Bonx TAH useful site page:

American Revolution
American Revolution Clip Art - Collection of clip art images from a book from 1851
Prison Ships - NY Times story about prison ships during the Revolution
My Brother Sam is Dead Resource site for using the novel and a collection of maps and images of the Revolution
Smithsonian - Myths of the American Revolution
Mass. Historical Society - The Coming of the American Revolution
Washington's Crossing - website all about the historic Crossing of the Delaware
Battle of Brooklyn - Interactive site about the largest battle of the American Revolution
Battle of Pell's Point - Col. John Glover and his Marblehead Mariners save the Revolution

Session Three 2-4-12 The Civil War in NY

The Speech that made the Man; Lincoln at Cooper Union

Lincoln's Plan to end Slavery

NY and Slavery exhibitions form NYHS

Lincoln and NY Exhibit from NYHS

Session Four 3-3-12 New York: Making The Empire City
Professor Edward O 'Donnell's Presentation and Documents

National Archives and Records Administration Education Link

Docs Teach

external image pdf.png The Greatest Grid Educator Resources.pdf

Session Five 4-28-12 The New Deal in New York

Professor Jackson's New Deal Presentation

The Shadow Podcast:

New York Times Article about WPA in NYC

Great Depression Reading:
external image pdf.png Depression reading2.pdf

TAH Presentation by Bronx TAH Program
external image pdf.png TAH-The New Deal .pdf

Slideshow by Bronx TAH Project Director, Philip Panaritis
external image pdf.png WPA Bronx-NY City ppt.pdf

Image Resources for New Deal and New York
external image pdf.png New deal resource A.pdfexternal image pdf.png New deal resource B.pdf

Bonus Army Lesson from LOC

Excerpt from old BOE Curriculum Guide
external image pdf.png Depression BOE unit.pdf

Hindenburg Video

Session 6 Reform in American History 5/5/12 MCNY

Professor O'Donnell's Jacob Riis Presentation

MCNY RIIS Resources:

MCNY Image Portal

Federal Theatre Project Resources from MCNY:

Session 7 5/12/12 The Civil Rights Movement

John Lewis Speech

Percy Sutton Video Link