The following lessons were created in the 2008 Language and Literacy Institute:

external image pdf.png Lowell 1.PDF Gallery Walk Lesson activity presented by Anthony Blasini.

This lesson uses the award winning book Maritcha by Tonya Bolden. It features the use a Bio poem and scaffolding and activity was created by Sabree Muhammad, Martina Musich and Zarah Katrina Vinola.

Immigration lesson that uses a "Mind Mirror" to look at images by Rachel Tommelleo, Jennifer Troy and Dawn Kelly

This lesson focuses on the civil rights movement with adaptions for elementary, middle and high school. By Justin Czarka,Ellen Siegel and Maribeth Whitehouse.

Civil War memoirs by Nicole Barbieri, Anthony Blasini, Lynn Resurreccion, Rob Snyder

Civil War Unit Plan by Maribeth Whitehouse,Clarissa Lynn.Rob Schneider,and Justin Czarka

Lesson Plan that focuses on the New Deal and using a "Tableaux" by Jennifer Troy and Rachel Tommelleo.

High School Lesson Unit Plan on Immigration. by:Sabree Muhammad, Martina Musich, Enriqueta Reyes, & Zarah Katrina Viñola

Lesson Activities created in the 2009 Language and Literacy institute:

Clarissa Lynn Presented two teaching Strategies:
  1. Questioning the Author
  2. Ink Shed

Lisa Cullen, Mathew Upham and Carolyn Cristofalo created a two lessons for the American Revolution:
Life of a Patriot Soldier:
1778_NY_Map.jpg Brown_Bess.jpg Patriot_Soldier.jpg Drinking_Cup.jpg 2009_NY_Map.gif Colonial_Flag.png

Life of a Patriot Soldier II

"Book Making" unit plan by Myrna Cortes and Paula Mills

Erie Canal lesson created by Timothy Deegan, Kerry Morris and Eric Ponce

Civil War in New York lesson plan by Marybeth Gallagher; Kyle M. Hall and Maria Maldonado

Lesson plan using iconic Depression image, Migrant Mother by Barbra Gavey and Franchesca Ho Sang

Jacob Riis and Immigration lesson by Wendy Jimenez, Tollyne Dickerson and Sandi Gibbs-Gaynair

A lesson that looks at local history, by Richard Sellati and Laura Spalter

Unit plan for teaching the New York City Draft Riots by Dan Tratt, Milica Gasparevic, Nicole Finnel, and Rory Kugler

Gallery Walk Lesson presented by Anthony Blasisni

Cold War lesson about the Space Race by Barbra Gavey and Franchesca Ho Sang

Lesson that uses Eyes on the Prize video and images to teach about non-violent protests. By Johnathan Hinesley, Ian McGhie, Yolande Richardson, Timmothy Deegan and Kerry Morris.

Looking at immigration using the 5-3-1 protocol. by Marybeth Gallagher and Eric Ponce.

Lesson Activities and Units created in the 2010 Media and Literacy institute:
Causes of the Civil War. Joel Arce, Rachel Tommelleo, Norah Flynn, Kandis Rivera

Great Depression- Explore what occured during this time period. Links include events such as, the stock market crash, New Deal, The Dust Bowl, and culminating activities

Immigration- The journey immigrants faced as they entered the United States

Civil Rights- Variety of differentiated, critical thinking lessons and activities to teach the Civil Rights Movement

Eldora Blandin- Lougheide, Veronica Joyner, Dorothy Krynicki, and Julia Loving

Civil War and Slavery- Analyze political cartoon to understand point of view of slavery during the Civil War

Richard Geldmacher, Robert Orlando, Louis P. Ianniello

Lessons and Units created in the 2010 Language and Literacy

Immigration- Unit plans, DBQ's, photos, and activities to teach immigration

Created by: Brianna Lafoon, Catherine Thompson, Jennifer Timm, Elizabeth Davis, and Daniel Aulbach

Erie Canal- Elsie Sanchez, Mary Arnone, and Lenny Weintraub

Labor to Leisure- Michael Baxter, and Brielle Montgomery

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire